14 06, 2017

Would You Benefit From Oncoplastic Surgery In Warners Bay?

If you have chosen a lumpectomy as an essential part of your treatment for breast cancer, you may wish to consider oncoplastic surgery in Warners Bay as a viable addition to your breast conservation regimen.

Rather than removing the entire breast through a mastectomy, many women opt to have any cancerous lump remove via lumpectomy. In the past, a woman had to wait a long time after her surgery to consider any reconstructive procedure that would restore shape and symmetry to her breasts. Now, as part...Read More

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10 06, 2017

Why is Winter a good time for Plastic Surgery?

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Patients will often ask what time of the year is a good time to have their surgery. “Is Winter a good time?” “Should I have my operation in Spring?” The seasons can play a role in when you chose to have your operation. The simplest consideration relates to recovery after your operation. Recovery after major operations to your body, such as a tummy tuck may be easier in the Winter. Here’s three reasons why:

Cold weather allows you to Rug Up &...Read More
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04 05, 2017

Improve Confidence with Otoplasty

Your child is being teased at school for having “elephant ears”. Or, perhaps, you have always wished your own ears weren’t quite so protruding. You want to experiment with a new hair style but you are afraid to uncover your “jug handles” for all the world to see. If these scenarios describe what you or your child are going through, then you need to learn about otoplasty in Newcastle.

Dr. John Newton, M.B.B.S, F.R.A.C.S, is a cosmetic plastic surgeon who, for over 28 years, has been...Read More

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