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The breast is one of the most common areas of concern for female plastic surgery patients, making cosmetic plastic surgery of the breast very popular at Dr. John Newton’s Warners Bay practice near the Hunter Valley and Newcastle. Breast augmentation with realistic implants, breast lift with liposuction, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction give Dr. Newton’s patients from the Central Coast, Mid North Coast, Hunter region, and throughout NSW the opportunity to enhance their breasts in optimum safety and comfort.

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Breast Augmentation

Breast Enlargement. Breast Enhancement


Breast enlargement has had an interesting history. Early enlargements were done by inserting rolls of silk behind the breast. Wood, sponge cartilage and polyurethane were also tried. Materials such as paraffin and other viscous materials were injected. Fat transfer was done as early as the 1920’s. Silicone has been injected in Asia until very recently. Needless to say , none of these methods did very well.

A very intriguing method was to place a glass sphere into the tissues behind the breast. It may have looked OK, but the consequences of a fall could be disastrous. This was done by Frank Gerow and Thomas Cronin. The patient was Tammie Jean Lindsay. Silicone prostheses for breast enlargement were introduced in the 60’s. These were shaped as well as round.

This marked the beginning of modern breast augmentation surgery.



The perfect breast augmentation should result in a naked breast which has a natural and attractive shape and is in balanced proportion with your body.

To achieve this optimal breast augmentation result, the many individual characteristics of your figure must be taken into account. These include chest wall shape, breast tissue volume, breast differences from side to side, muscle bulk, shoulder width, height, weight and hip and bottom size.

If these body characteristics of you as an individual are not taken into account the resultant breast augment may be less than optimal for you or even disappointing and abnormal.

Your expectations and preferences regarding your breast enlargement must also be taken into account. You will no doubt have concepts of what you would like to look like and, after all, you are the one who has to be happy with your breasts in the end.

There is no one breast augment that suits everyone and it is by managing you as an individual that I will attempt to achieve the best breast augment I can for you.



When you are thinking about how you want to look, I think it is important for you to understand what is considered to be the most desired breast shape. London Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Patrick Mallucci, did an extensive survey to determine what people thought a beautiful breast should look like. His findings are summarised in the pictures below.

A beautiful, natural breast has 45% of its volume above the nipple and 55% below the nipple. The slope of the breast above the nipple (UPS) is straight. The curve of the breast below the nipple(LPC) is round and full. The nipple points slightly upwards.

This is the shape preferred by over 86% of people, both male and female and of all ages.

Dr. Mallucci points out that an over full, round upper breast shape is not considered natural, attractive or desirable.

I feel this is a very important message for any woman considering Breast Augmentation.



I use 3 planes into which I insert the breast implant. These are :

  • SUBMAMMARY PLANE – The implant is directly under the breast and in front of the muscle.
  • SUBMUSCULAR PLANE – The implant is underneath the muscle (also called Dual Plane).
  • SBFASCIAL PLANE – The implant is between the muscle fibres and the muscle lining (fascia).

The correct plane for you will depend on the amount of tissue you have to cover the implant and the size and shape of the implant we chose. I will guide you through this process and help you make the correct decision for you.



I will do your operation in a fully certified hospital, not a clinic or day centre.

Your augmentation will be done under a general anaesthetic given by a fully qualified anaesthetist. He will also arrange good pain relief for you.

Full sterile technique will be used and antibiotics will be given to you.

You may have a drain in your breasts and you may stay overnight.

You will go home wearing a surgical support bra.

I will see you in my surgery 1 week after your operation.



The cost will vary according to the breast implant you chose. Other variables include the hospital you chose and whether you stay overnight or not.

I aim to keep your fee at around $10,000 to $11,000 using the best quality implants.

If you have breast asymmetry or breast deformity, some of the costs of your breast augmentation may be rebatable.



It is by looking after you as an individual and tailoring your operation to suit you, that I will achieve the nicest result that I can for you








Breast Lift

Over time, women’s breasts tend to droop, stretch, and sag. Serving the Newcastle area from his Warners Bay office, Dr. Newton performs breast lift surgery to counteract the effects of aging, gravity, and childbirth, restoring the breasts to a more youthful position higher up on the chest.

The breast lift procedure involves removing skin and tissue from below the nipple, bringing skin from above the nipple down around the bottom of the breast, and then repositioning the nipple on the breast. Dr. Newton may use liposuction to remove unneeded fatty tissue as part of the procedure.

During a breast lift, Dr. Newton can also modify the size and shape of the breast. Patients who have lost significant breast volume or firmness may choose to have breast implants placed as part of the same procedure, while those whose breasts are larger than they like may decide to have some fat and skin removed.

After breast lift surgery is complete, patients will be fitted with a bra to support the breasts during healing. Dr. Newton will schedule a follow-up appointment at his Newcastle-area practice one week after surgery for all breast lift patients. With Dr. Newton’s technique, there are no stitches to remove, and the patient will usually be able to return to work in between two and four weeks. Full healing usually takes about six weeks.

Breast Reduction

Uncomfortably large breasts may be responsible for back and neck pain, get in the way of physical activities, or unduly limit a woman’s wardrobe choices. With breast reduction surgery, Dr. Newton can bring the breasts down to a more comfortable, manageable size that better fits the patient’s body.

Breast reduction surgery is similar to the breast lift procedure: Dr. Newton makes an incision along the base of the breast and around the nipple, removing excess skin and tissue as appropriate, and then relocates the nipple and closes the incision. When appropriate, Dr. Newton uses liposuction techniques to remove fat from the breast. Patients are generally able to return to work after two weeks and to all normal activities after six weeks. (See Dr. Newton’s article, “A Weight Off My Chest”)

Breast Reconstruction

Using breast implants, Dr. Newton is able to construct an incredibly lifelike breast and nipple for patients who have had their breasts removed, restoring a feminine body contour and the self-confidence that accompanies it. Patients typically need about six weeks to recover, but are able to return to work after about two weeks.

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Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common and devastating cancers which we see in our society today. Fortunately awareness of breast cancer has increased dramatically and the ability to detect it and treat it has improved in parallel with the increased awareness.   Consequently women suffering from breast cancer are being managed earlier and more successfully.

Management of breast cancer almost invariably involves some form of surgery to remove the cancer from the breast. This quite commonly entails mastectomy (removal of the breast). This surgery, whilst lifesaving, can in itself leave a women feeling scarred. This scarring can be emotional as well as physical.

This is where reconstruction after mastectomy becomes a valuable asset. It provides women with an opportunity to overcome the disability they had to undergo to defeat their breast cancer. Dr. John Newton sees a large number of patients who wish to consider breast reconstruction after mastectomy. He finds it one of the most rewarding sections of his cosmetic plastic surgery practice.

There are essentially two forms of breast reconstruction after mastectomy: reconstruction using a prosthesis and reconstruction using part of the patient’s own tissue.

When a prosthesis is used it is usually an expandable breast implant which is placed into the soft tissues of the chest wall and once the healing process has progressed, it is expanded by injecting saline. Dr. Newton says that there was a time when it was routine for this prosthesis to be removed and replaced with a more definitive prosthesis but, with the modern prostheses, no replacement is required, allowing this to be a one stage and fairly brief operation.

When the patient’s own tissues are used, the most common tissue used is tissue from the lower abdomen. This can be swung up from the lower abdomen using some of the muscles of the abdomen to supply the blood or it can be removed completely and then have the blood supply reattached.

Both these operations provide the patient with what is referred to as a “breast mound,” or a bulk of tissue on the chest wall which mimics the shape of a breast. It will fill a bra and will fill out clothing. It will create a cleavage and thereby accommodates many women in their reconstruction needs.

The timing of reconstruction is variable. Some patients are suited to an immediate reconstruction whilst others require a delay. This is largely determined by the pathology findings and the anticipation of extra treatment, besides the surgery, to remove the tumour. Dr. Newton also points out that the size and shape of the remaining breast may well influence both the timing of the operation and the type of reconstruction carried out.

Nipples can be reconstructed also. This is done in a variety of ways, including skin and cartilage grafts and even tattooing for the areola. Dr. Newton would often delay this procedure to allow the original operation to settle and for gravity and time to have some affect on the postoperative appearance of the reconstructed breast.

It is sometimes appropriate to operate on the other breast to provide a better result because the breasts are more symmetrical.

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